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How to Manage Prep Section Students ?

Children are inclined towards visuals and prompts rather than auditory learnings.. When the classroom is a mess after art and craft and paint,I challenge students by presenting them a task such who willing clean the class first. I ensure that kids are busy in their favorite activity. 

Praising the students in front of everyone in the class and sometimes in front of their parents,they Became Excited to do well and try to repeat again and again.

If kids refuses to do something, try turning it into a game or story or drama.If child is fighting over a toy with another child, set a timer for five minutes and when alarm buzz one passes through another. 

When I am working with one student I keep other students busy in their favourite activity.For Instance I provide them Tablet to Revise what he or she already learned previously. When I am teaching the students I use the story and physical movement to understand the things and fun with learning. When I am with them I act like their friend.Generally we are affected with the mood of people around them So we react negative or angry behaviour towards the child,he will respond the same Way.These few simple steps can make our institute to become best preschool in Rajkot.


Nidhi K

Educator- Prep Section



Essential Skills Development For Every Preschooler

Education is Foundation of Nation Building

Very True...

When Thinking of Education Parents' always thinks to enroll their kids in the best preschool nearby.But we need to understand what makes the Best preschool the Best.

We talk Lot about the Importance of Education.We talk about Impact of education on society and Country in our Random talk.But Do we Really understand what Real education is about?Today we will Discuss only about the Foundational education.

For Preschool it is Important that the Environment and Surrounding play a Crucial factor in Learning,Growth and Development.This is Important because the way the initial learning of child take place is directly reflected in the Future Learning way.

In India Preschool Include Playgroup,Nursery,Lower and Higher Kindergarten (LKG & HKG).

Let me take you directly to essential skills that make Preschool,Kindergarten or Montessori is Must for any preschooler anywhere in the World


Learning Alphabets for the First Time


Speaking New Words that are Found in Nearby Surrounding


Activities for Developing Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills


Interaction and Participation with Teacher and Fellow students


Ability to make Decisions by Proper Understanding


Basic Counting using Finger and Objects

If all these factors are taken into consideration then we can assume that the Preschool is perfect for my Toddler.




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